Community Farm Share • Afghanistan Emergency Illustration

Community FarmShare created a special program to support the Afghanistan refugees  being resettled in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, with fresh farm produce during their first winter here.   I was asked to create an illustration to utilize on website banner and social media.

The initial concept from the CFS team was to have the families and the farmes with the countries on the back and the arrow pointing to indicate moving to the USA.
I wanted the characters to look friendly and warm, not overly happy but rather with a feeling of calm and safety.
I started to add the maps with the countries but it did not feel right.
Instead of the maps I wanted to have a textured color background changing from sand and mountain colors to blues and greens to the farmer in the USA.
I decided to add the leaves and nature, growing plant, nothing specific, just something that felt fresh and alive.
I decided to extend the foliage to touch the family of immigrants to give a sense of welcoming, contact and reaching out.
This is how we used the illustration on the banner on the website.
This is the adaptation to square format to use on social channels.
Visit Community Farm Share to learn about the work they do and if you can donate to this important cause.

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