I was invited to participate in the 3rd issue of Wandermag for Earth Day Celebration with an illustration.  29 women from all ages from seven countries illustrated and created stunning art to celebrate and say thank you to Mother Earth.  The illustration I created represents that we are one and we are all connected. 

Follow this link to check out the entire issue https://wandermag.design/ and all the amazing art. @wandermag started as a lockdown project featuring artist from all over the world to express and inspire through art.
In the original sketch I wanted to include a large face behind all the the animals and nature. But I discarded it because it felt like an aquarium.
I wanted to express the feeling of transforming, moving from land to ocean to sky...
Later on the revolving figures started to transform into the shape of a tree...
"We are one, we are all connected" 

Happy Earth Day!
Thanks for watching! 

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