Community Farm Share

This illustration is the first project of a group of illustrations that I am currently working with Community Farm Share — through Catchafire — with this one I had to rush since they were publishing and article in  PLENTY MAG ( for their spring issue.

Community Farm Share is doing an amazing job linking families experiencing food insecurity in their  community to local produce farms. To read more about their fantastic work go here

These are some of the sketches we reviewed with the concepts of community, sharing, supporting each other.
Community FarmShare envisions a local sustainable food system -

…Where equity and diversity are valued as being the heart of achieving a just food system;

…Where our neighbors facing food insecurity know where their next meal is coming from, and that it is of the highest, freshest, most nutritious quality;

…Where residents help tackle food insecurity challenges through financial support and volunteering;

… Where our skilled vegetable and fruit farmers in Montgomery County earn what they deserve to do what they do best - grow and sell nutritious, fresh produce to all eaters.
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