Coffee with Birds (and fish)

As all my personal projects, and any other project, it started as an idea on my sketch book. My desk in our home office faces the garden and I get to see birds all day bouncing, eating and standing in the vegetable garden and trees. They are a lot of fun to watch - and very distracting too - good distraction though ... butterflies are everywhere, and the fish, I don't know ... he just showed up....  :)
I take a picture of the sketch and transfer it to the ipad to start working on Adobe Fresco.  At the beginning I start doing random brush strokes and trying brushes, colors and textures to see where some elements will go and how the color palette is working.
Like at the beginning the fish was flying but later I moved it to the bottom. 
Working with layers and grouping shapes it gives you a lot of flexibility to move elements around and work quickly.
This was the first almost final illustration, before I moved into the details...
And this was the final! hope you enjoy the process.

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