Editorial Illustrations for 
"Cancel This Conquistador" by Gustavo Arellano in the Spring 22- N0 83 Issue of Gravy Journal by Southern Foodways Alliance

From Southern Foodways Alliance post  on Instagram: "As the first European to travel through what’s now the American South, Hernando de Soto is honored in plaques and trail markers throughout the region. In the newest issue of #Gravy, columnist Gustavo Arellano (@gustavo_arellano) digs into why the South celebrates a Spanish past that rarely, if ever, figures into its modern-day collective identity—and suggests we honor another Spaniard who showed us a better way to live.

From Arellano's piece .... — "A giant billboard featured a cartoon Spanish conquistador. He was smiling. Bushy mustache and goatee. Wearing armor, a helmet, and striped pantaloons, the stereotypical uniform of medieval Spaniards in the American imagination.” —

For the second spread/illustration I wanted to express the innocence of the native in the America's, oblivious of what was coming to them.

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