"Skeletons" Cover for Single release by Sunflower Ashes 

Sunflower Ashes is a London-based  alt country/Americana band formed  in 2018. The band is made up of a bunch of friends from around the world that met in university and shared their common love for Americana and folk.

This was one of the first concept drafts, drawn in procreate in the ipad pro.
When the cover was released in socia media platforms it was done in partial animations revealing different parts of the illustration.
At some point we tried the jackal faces on the skeletons but decided to go back to the skeleton face.
Final Illustration for Cover.
Enjoy this timelapse of the entire creative process.
Here is the final animated cover for the teaser in social media platforms. Go check them out and stream it, it is available in all streaming services...  :) you are going to love them!

And if you are in London, go see them live! you will not regret it!
Some fans have pointed out that the Sunflower Ashes logo is inpired in our cat "Sputt" face.... I will let you be the judge. :)
Thanks for watching!

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